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Elena Ferro


Elena grew up in Florence, Italy, where she worked in Real Estate selling luxury condos in Renaissance Era Palazzos and nurtured a passion for architectural beauty. Since relocating to Georgia, she have fallen in love with her new community, which inspired her to help others make Atlanta their home. With a background in Photography and Design, combined with studies in Law and Society, she believes she has a uniquely creative approach to the Real Estate experience, mixing her artistic skills and affinity with outstanding customer service and negotiating gusto. She have always had a passion for creating a personal connection with her clients, especially during a time as exciting yet emotional as buying and selling a home. Elena will be your guide and support every step of the way. She takes pride in representing her clients’ interests with fierce commitment and is determined to make your experience easy and seamless, while also exciting and engaging. 

Aryan Anthony

Team Lead

Aryan grew up in Southern California and has chosen Georgia to call home. Prior to starting a family and entering into real estate, Aryan attended The University of Southern California and made a name for herself as a C-Level Executive Assistant for Fortune 500 companies. She has traveled the world extensively and has developed a deep passion for architecture, landscaping and interior design. She spends her free time volunteering at community organizations, rock climbing, rafting, hiking and traveling with her family.

Aryan thrives in assisting both Buyers and Sellers of all experience levels and prides herself on cultivating lifelong relationships. She has a strong reputation of being very knowledgeable, detail oriented and dedicated to her clients.

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